Teaching Staff


Teaching Staff

"Those who educate children well are more to be honoured than parents, for these only gave life, those the art of living well." – Aristotle

Shaping young and impressionable minds is a serious responsibility. At SJCS, we strongly believe this is as much the duty of teachers as it is of parents. All faculty members at the School are carefully selected to ensure that we retain the highest standards of education in our classrooms and beyond. Teachers at SJCS also influence the moral development of children by setting precedents of ethical and responsible behaviour.

We understand the tremendous impact that teachers have on a child's growth, development, and personality. To provide our students with an environment in which they can learn uninhibitedly, our teaching community comprises of an eclectic team of educators with extensive practical experience. All faculty members are equipped with professional teaching qualifications and have a deep understanding of their subjects and the curricula offered. The entire academic and non-academic staffs at SJCS attend training sessions and education workshops at regular intervals to constantly improvise on their methodologies. Animated by the divine spirit of love and freedom we build a responsible school community involving teachers, administrative and auxiliary staff.

Mrs. Meera Murali

M.sc, B.Ed

Mrs. Seema Banerjee

M.Com, LLB, Company Sec.

Mrs.Latha Vijayan

B.sc, B.Ed, PGDCA

Mrs. Purnima Panigrahi

M.A, B.Ed

Ms. Koyena Dastidar

M.sc(Bio Phy Mol Bio & Genetics),
B.Ed, PG Diploma(Human Rights)

Mr. Abhishek Pradhan

M.Sc (Computer Science), RHCE

Ms. Jhuna Chakraborty

M.Sc(Applied), B.Ed

Mrs. Manisha Samajdar

B.sc, B.Ed

Ms. Rita Yaduwanshi

M.Sc (Zoology), B.Ed

Mrs.Rupalim P.Rabha

M.A (English), M.A(Eng Lang),B.Ed

Mrs. Nisha Bhambhani

M.A (English), B.Ed

Mrs.Asha Sajit

M.sc, B.Ed

Mrs.Jini Rath

M.A (English), B.Ed

Mrs. Thulasi Nair

B.Sc, B.Ed

Mrs.Anjali Mohanty

M.Sc (Chemistry), B.Ed

Mrs. Kakoli Banerjee

B.A (English)

Mrs. Radhika G

M.A (Economics), B.Ed

Mrs. Rajini Pandey


Mrs. Subhasree Dhal

B.A (Psychology), B.Ed

Ms. Purnima Ghosh

B.sc (Physics), PGDCA

Mrs.Rekha Jaiswal

M.A (Eco), B.Ed

Mrs.Gargi Roy

M.A (Economics), B.Ed

Mrs. Navashree Honda

B.A (Psychology), B.Ed

Ms. Drawpadi Rout

M.A (History), DCA, NTT

Ms. Neelam Ekka

M.A (English), M.S.W

Mrs. Sarojini Bara

B.A Personnel Management

Mrs. Srabanty Kaur


Mrs. Harriet Joseph

B.A Montessori (Diploma)

Mrs. Anuradha Mohapatra

B.A (Economics), B.Ed

Mrs.Jayashree Pradeep

M.Com, B.Ed

Mrs. Mary Ann Seddon

B.A, Montessori

Mrs. Bhawani Hota

M.S.W, Montessori

Mrs. Sonali Bhambani

B.Sc (Botany), M.A (English)

Ms. Sujata Patnaik

M.A. (Pol. Sc), Montessori

Mrs. Manisha Chakraborty

B.A, Montessori

Mrs. B.Jayalakashmi

M.A (Social Work), Montessori

Ms.Deepa Chatterjee


Mrs. Rajkumari Panigrahi

M.A, B.Ed

Mrs.Suchita Lakra


Mrs. Neeta Kar


Mr. S.K. Kar


Mrs . Bhagyalaxmi Samal

B.A, S.T.C

Mrs. Goreti Lakra


Mrs. Tapati Biswas

B.Sc in Media Science,
Spl. in Public relation

Mrs. Bina S Khalkho

B.A (Geography), B.Ed

Mrs.Neelam Mandal

M.A, B.Ed

Mrs. Soma Pratihar

M.A (Geography), B.Ed

Mrs. Shreema Barik

M.A, B.Ed

Mrs. Sujata Das


Mrs. Joyita Bose

M.Sc (Botany)

Ms. Smriti Verma

B.A (English)

Mrs. Namrata Das

P.G (English), NTT, CTE

Mrs. Neha Chatterjee

M.A (English), B.Ed

Mrs.Somela Dhar

M.A (English), B.Ed, Diploma (Fine Arts)

Mrs.Tuhina Ranjan

M.Sc. (Botany)